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Membership in the Fellowship of Dual Recovery Anonymous does not require professional referral and is not dependent upon the extent of professional care a person has utilized. Our Second Tradition states that: "D.R.A. has two requirements for membership; a desire to stop using alcohol and other intoxicating drugs, and a desire to manage our emotional or psychiatric illness in a healthy and constructive way."
DRA does not want to take away anyone's chances for dual recovery, thus we leave the option of joining our Fellowship to the individual. If, after reading our Second Tradition, an individual feels that they meet those two requirements, they may call themselves a member of DRA and attend both open and closed DRA 12 Step meetings.

Our Questions & Answers document states that: "There is no single type of dual disorder. The reason is, that there are numerous forms of psychiatric illness. There are also many patterns of alcohol or drug abuse. As a result, a variety of different forms of dual or multiple disorders are possible." It also states, "DRA welcomes men and women who have experienced a dual disorder regardless of their chemical dependency or psychiatric history or their level of abilities. We recognize that we are men and women whose lives have been affected by different types of "no-fault" illnesses whose symptoms can disrupt our ability to function and relate to others effectively." 

Our document "" expands on the different ways that our two no-fault illnesses may affect our lives, and points to some of the common bonds that make our Fellowship a welcoming and safe place for all who desire dual recovery.
DRA members come from all areas of society yet we all have common feelings and experiences. We share a program of recovery that helps us to Hope, Cope, & Heal 

  • Hope: Believable hope gradually begins to develop. As members work their program of recovery and attend meetings they meet other people who have shared similar experiences. They begin to recognize that recovery from a dual disorder is possible and that they can improve their quality of life.
  • Cope: New coping skills begin to develop in dual recovery. DRA members begin to recognize that they may not find a cure for their dual disorder. However, they can learn how to use new coping skills to maintain their recovery and to minimize the risk of relapse. They can learn new ways of coping with their psychiatric illness in a healthy and constructive way as they practice their Steps and use the support they find in meetings.
  • Heal: People in dual recovery can begin to experience the process of personal healing. A dual disorder can gradually take a toll on an individual’s self-image and self-esteem. Repeated experiences of psychiatric symptoms and ongoing problems and consequences can leave a person with the feeling that they will never be normal again. Dual recovery offers an opportunity to heal and rebuild the self-image that may have become blurred or distorted. It also offers an opportunity to heal and mend the relationships that may have become harmed.

Co-occurring disorders are common; they affect from 7 to 10 million adults in the U.S. each year. Dual Recovery Anonymous members come from all walks of life. People who use DRA and experience dual recovery have lives and families, hopes and dreams, responsibilities and needs. They can be fathers, mothers, grandparents, teachers, students, carpenters, cooks, or business executives. DRA welcomes men and women who have experienced a dual disorder regardless of their chemical dependency or psychiatric history or their level of abilities.

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