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We encourage members to share their stories of dual recovery, practicing the Steps on both chemical dependency and emotional or psychiatric illness, and sponsorship. We encourage groups to share how they began and navigated beyond the rough spots, what types of meetings they have (Steps, Topics, speaker, Open or Closed) how they got the work out to the community. Members are also encouraged to share poems, letters, and art work, etc.

DRA Central Service Office temporarily relocates to Tennessee.

1998 - DRA Website goes online. Today it is a valuable source of information called "DRA Online Resource Center" at
Over 100,000 people visited the website in 2002. The visitors included people from the United States and 40 other countries.

1999 - Dual Recovery Anonymous celebrates 10 years. Medallions, Steps and Traditions banners, and other gift ideas are available.

2000 -  Plans begin for a unified Group Service Network.

2001 - The Central Service Office is named; DRA World Network Central Office.

Groups begin to form internationally.

The service network becomes a reality; "The DRA Network for Unity & Service" to help groups work together at each level: community, state, regional, national, and international.

2002 - DRA incorporates World Network under the name "Dual Recovery Anonymous World Network Inc." (DRAWS). DRAWS is formed to protect the Founding Principles of Dual Recovery Anonymous to insure that DRA remains useful to those it serves well into the future. DRAWS is also the guiding service board for the DRA Fellowship as a whole.

The DRA Bookstore Online becomes a reality. DRA Books, Recovery Coins, Medallions, Gifts, and Literature available through the DRA Online Resource Center. Proceeds go to help carry the message of DRA.

* Adapted from the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

** Hazelden Foundation, Center City, Minnesota

1989 - Kansas City - DRA begins to form out of a vision for both dual recovery and a fellowship to carry the message. The first DRA meeting is held in a church setting, the second meeting in a mental health facility. The goal is to develop a self-help program for dual recovery based on:

  • Principles of the Twelve Steps.*
  • Personal experience of dual recovery.
  • Principles of personal freedom and choice.

1991 - DRA begins to develop a 4-point program:

  • Vision & Hope
  • 12-Steps for Dual Recovery
  • Meetings & Fellowship
  • Unity & Service.

1992 - Plans begin for developing educational materials.

1993 - DRA is presented in educational materials by the Hazelden Foundation.

Dual Disorders Recovery Book**

  • Dual Recovery Anonymous: A Blueprint (page 221 - 231)
  • Dual Recovery Anonymous; Meeting Format (page 232 - 238)

DRA Central Service Office was established, and began receiving calls and letters from people in the U.S. and abroad, requesting DRA literature and meeting information.

1994 - Publication of the 12 Steps and Dual Disorders (Book) published**

First DRA Intergroup formed in Vancouver, WA

1995 - Publication of the 12 Steps and Dual Disorders (Workbook) published **

1996 - 12 Steps and Dual Disorders (Video) released **

1997 Vision, the DRA Newsletter of Believable Hope begins quarterly editions. Subscriptions $10 per year.

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Dual Recovery Anonymous
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P.O. Box 8107, Prairie Village, Kansas, 66208
Toll Free 1-877-883-2332

NOTE: The books described here are available through our online Bookstore along with DRA Recovery Chips, Medallions, and other DRA Literature and Gifts. All proceeds go to help carry the message of DRA and Believable Hope through the work of The DRA World Network Central Office.

Outside Relationships. The boundaries between DRA and outside organizations.

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