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 Personal Stories - Mike K.

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Some time ago I made the decision to pursue DRA as my main 12-Step Recovery Program. I had been in AA for 10 years. AA is a great program, I have a lot of good friends there, and I can always go when I feel the interest, need, or want. Our DRA Group is small and meets only once a week, but we are discussing adding a second meeting.

I entered true recovery only after I was diagnosed and treated for bipolar illness. Professionally medicated, the need & desire to self-medicate left completely. I have a great psychotherapist who understands Dual Diagnosis. I also had a complete spiritual awakening and everything that has happened since my last alcoholic drink on the afternoon of October 31, 2000, has been nothing short of miraculous.

DRA takes recovery, honesty, and acceptance to another level, dimension, or stage, as it were. In order for me to fully stay on "Recovery Road", I now know that I must treat these Illnesses as inter-related and integral triggers for each other.

I feel a Challenge to "Grow" in this program in a sensible way. Even though I also have a third illness, weird type 1.5 diabetes that aggravates the bipolar symptoms, I have NEVER BEEN HAPPIER.

Yours Truly,
Mike K. & Ringo (The World's First Bipolar Cat... He Caught it From Me!)  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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